Cruelty of Drakes

Recap of Last Events

Greenest at night

1. You were caravan guards arriving at the outskirts of Greenest at dusk.
2. In the distance you saw what turned out to be humans and goblins running to and fro around the village, some being pursued by the others. Fires were burning throughout.
3. You witnessed the appearance of a legendary blue dragon.
4. Attempting a stealthy approach, you used the low stone walls and hedges to move further into Greenest.
5. You narrowly averted the slaughter of a family being defended by a cudgel armed man and women with broken weapons. While the man died you were able to spare the women an ignoble fate and rescue her husband and children.
6. Shadow and Cloyer split from the party to warn the caravan.
7. Erevan, Barakus and Beorth’an (moving slowly with a recently damaged leg) crossed the stream and approached the keep.
8. Erevan awaited Shadow and Cloyer at the base of the hill while Barakus and Beorth’an went to the keep and convinced Governor Nighthill to hold the gate open until the rest of the party arrived.
9. Erevan, Cloyer and Shadow made their way to the keep, barely keeping ahead of cultist pursuit that had discovered them after Shadow stumbled in the dark.
10. Accepting the Governor’s mission to seek out townspeople trapped outside the keep the party descended a sloping tunnel to the edge of the stream and exited a camouflaged sewer grating into to a surprised party of goblins. The enemy was swiftly cut down before warning could be given.
11. Huddling in the reeds the party had a moment to assess the situation as the blue dragon circled lazily overhead. Seeing the sanctuary under attack, it was decided that they should attempt a stealthy approach to lend aid.
12. In transit to the sanctuary Cloyer stumbled against a wheelbarrow that was perched against the side of one of the houses. The ensuing noise led to a family showing itself. Barakus ushered them to the sewer grating and safety of the keep.
13. Arriving at the low stone wall surrounding the Sanctuary, the party decided to ambush the cultists at the front door as they started to use a makeshift ram to break the door in. Arrows quickly decided the fight and the cultists and their white haired leader were dispatched. Cloyer, taking a dagger from white hair, started to quietly attempt to get the attention of those inside the building. Assistance from Shadow finally got the door open
14. Eadyan Falconmoon, cleric of Chauntea, ushered his flock out of the sanctuary under the protective arm of a shield dwarf named Hans Ironstorm.
15. As the group made its way from the sanctuary, it was soon realized that pursuit was close behind in the form of drakes, cultists and goblins.
16. Erevan quickly pointed out that the group would need to fight in the field bordering the stream and thick vegetation. To not do so would lead to the secret means of ingress to the keep being found.
17. The previous journal entry details that epic combat. Suffice it to say that it was a very near run thing…

Reaching the safety of the keep, Governor Nighthill greeted the party with thanks, food and drink. He had another favor to ask…



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