Cruelty of Drakes

Greenest Awaits!

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For various reasons known only to yourselves, you find are now part of a caravan traveling to the town of Greenest and then further into Amn. Alas, the verdant sounding town is where you end your travels with the merchant caravan. Greenest hopefully will provide you with the answers you seek. People have become familiar on the trek, merchants and families to a limited degree, and a certain few individuals that seem much more intriguing:
Barakus the tiefling, who while taking umbrage at the smallest of slights, seems quite proficient with his hands.
Beorth’an, a human paladin, keeps to himself for the most part but gets downright angry when dragons are the subject around the fire.
A half-elf wizard who goes by the imposing name of Cloyer Se’Guill the Eye Biter. No one has broached the subject of the “Eye Biter” part with him as yet. Strange accent and rather archaic looking clothing definitely lend Cloyer an air of the outlandish.
Erevan Mistseeker, a red haired ranger who wields two shortswords and a longbow at the drop of a hat. You have noticed him keeping to the background when meeting strangers, but amongst your party he has no problem sharing his knowledge drawn from nature.
Hans Ironstorm, chainmail clad mountain dwarf and fighter of some renown amongst the military of Citadel Adbar. Hans backs down from neither a fight or an argument.
And finally the mysterious Shadow. An elven bard of dusky skin and blonde hair. While she is very friendly and outgoing, a true joy to have around the fire, you realize you know little of her past except she hales from the forest of Cormanthor.

Definitely an interesting group of acquaintances. Savras only knows if friendships will be formed, hardships overcome and how fates will be met.



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